Hairpin Leg Desk

My friends, I am so pumped to show you this awesome hairpin leg desk! I teamed up with DIY Hairpin Legs and they sent me this amazing set of  raw steel hairpin legs and I just knew they would be perfect for my studio! At first I was contemplating building a desk with two drawers and a built in pencil holder, but when I assessed my needs more specifically, I realized I needed a smaller sturdy, level surface to do some detail painting on wood signs that I am going to be selling in my Etsy shop.

Sometimes keeping it simple really is better! Alright, here’s how I made the desk:

(There are some affiliate links in this post which simply means that I get a small commission if you purchase through those links, at no cost to you. More details can be found in my Disclosure page. Thanks for supporting my small venture.)

Check out this video I put together. It has the basic information on how to make your own in 3 minutes. Well, the video is 3 minutes, you can’t quite make the desk that quickly. 😉

For more detailed information, keep reading below!

When I opened the shipment from DIY Hairpin Legs I was pleased to find the 28″ 3-rod legs wrapped individually in paper, full instructions on setup and maintenance, screws, and wax. (shown in video above.)

I started out by cleaning the legs. Then waxing them. Here they are all prettied up. The process is shown in the video above, and found in the instructions that come with the legs. Super easy, but important so that your legs are protected and do not rust.


For the desktop I picked out an awesome 2″x 12″x 8′ board with some cool grain and knots. Wood grain is my favorite. Since I won’t be using this as a writing desk, I didn’t mind the knots at all, in fact, I prefer them!

Cut the board in half as perfectly as you can. This will make your desk dimensions approx. 2’x4′.

Drill pocket holes on the back side of one of the boards. joined-desktopI use the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System (aff link) and highly recommend it!

Clamp the boards together and attach them with pocket screws.

stained-boardsStain your desktop whatever stain color you’d like. I chose Minwax 70012444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, quart, Dark Walnut (aff link) It matches my other furniture in that room and I just love how it makes the grain pop.

Next, add some protection! I use Minwax Polycrylic Water Based Protective Finish, Satin (aff link) and absolutely love it! There is little odor and it doesn’t yellow like polyurethane can tend to, plus, it’s water-based which always mean super EASY clean up! I don’t know about you, but mineral spirits isn’t my favorite thing, so anytime I can use a good water-based product, I’m on it!

The satin finish on this just makes me smile.

As before, you can find the leg attaching process in the video, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. So, once your poly is cured, flip your desktop over and attach the legs.

I chose to measure 2.5″ in from each side for the legs. It would be fine to attach it a little closer, but as my room isn’t very large, I didn’t want the legs, which are sloped outward as you get closer to the ground, to extend past the table edge. Really, if you’re building this attach them where you want and for whatever look you want. It’s YOUR desk after all.

All done! See, wasn’t that easy? And it looks AWESOME!



Here is my setup. Exactly, I mean, exactly what I needed to work on my signs!







What I learned from this project is that sometimes your first idea isn’t always the one you end up making happen. And that’s totally okay!

I really love these hairpin legs though you guys, and I already have my next hairpin leg project in mind! It may or may not be way more complicated. Stay tuned!

If you’re new to building furniture, DIY Hairpin Legs made this insanely easy and is definitely the way to go!  You can do it!! And when you do, please share photos!

Awesome news! I can get you 10% off too, until August 1st! Click here! Get 10% off at DIY Hairpin Legs! (until Aug 1, 2017)

Alright friends, thanks for reading. Time for me to go paint some signs! Have a fantastic day!


P.S. Check out my last woodworking furniture project, the Balustrade Console Table  or my most popular project ever the DIY Textured Headboard/Footboard!


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  1. Michael says:

    Love these legs!


    1. Me too! They’re even prettier in person! 👍


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