Haven Conference 2017 – My experience

Haven Conference 2017 – My experience

Two weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend Haven Conference in Atlanta! It’s a conference for Home Design and DIY Bloggers where we get together to network, take classes specific to improving blogging skills, and make contact with some amazing brands.

Here are a few things I learned this weekend at Haven Conference:

  1. Meeting people that you’ve been following online is absolutely awesome. I feel like you can often tell the kind of person that they are by reading their online work, but I was so glad to find that they were amazingly fun, kind and creative people in reality too! I had a list of people that I was hoping to meet and due to the structure of the conference I got to meet almost all of them! Here are photos of a few amazing people I got to spend a little time with and I’m so grateful! I added their Instragram handles in case you want to follow them, oh and I’m @hazelandgolddesigns on Instagram if you don’t already know.  I met so many more amazing people than this (here’s looking at you KariAnne!) but I wasn’t smart enough to take photos the whole time. (Note to self: next year always take pictures AND work on my selfie skills because they need work.)
    The incredibly talented and pro bloggers @jenwoodhouse and @thatsmyletter
    The incredibly talented and pro bloggers @jenwoodhouse http://jenwoodhouse.com  and @thatsmyletter http://thatsmyletter.blogspot.com
    The ever-inspirational Lindi! @love_create_celebrate
    The ever-inspirational Lindi! @love_create_celebrate   https://lovecreatecelebrate.com/
    Love this lady! @mylove2create
    Love this incredibly nice lady and talented dancer! 😉 @mylove2create http://www.mylove2create.com/
    The awesome Ashley @handmadewithashley
    The geeks unite! Loved meeting Ashley @handmadewithashley  http://www.ashleygrenon.com/
    These sweet ladies have been a great support to me! @thecreatedhome and @anikasdiylife
    These sweet ladies have been a great support to me! @thecreatedhome http://thecreatedhome.com and @anikasdiylife https://www.anikasdiylife.com/
    My traveling buddy! @jen_girlinthegarage
    My traveling buddy! @jen_girlinthegarage http://girlinthegarage.net/
    Haven conference - woodworking IG group
    These ladies are absolutely awesome woodworkers! @7miledesigns http://www.7miledesigns.biz/ @3x3custom   @woodshopdiaries http://www.woodshopdiaries.com/
  2. I have so much to learn about blogging. It hasn’t even been a year yet, and I have made a TON of progress since day 1, but there is still so much to learn. That being said, I also learned that it will always be this way! Some of the bloggers that I’ve been following for years were discussing the things they need to change or learn about, and it gave me great comfort to know that I wasn’t alone and that it’s okay that I don’t know everything.
  3. I use Pinterest all wrong. Social media can be a beast. They all work differently and seem to change frequently. Much to learn and do.
  4. I should be polling y’all to see what you want to read about here on Hazel + Gold Designs….so tell me! Are there projects you want me to try? Something you want plans for to build? Feel free to tell me in the comments here!
    macrame class with Charlotte Smith at Haven Conference
    I took a Macrame class from THE Charlotte Smith @atcharlotteshouse, https://atcharlotteshouse.com/  She’s so great!
  5. Working with brands is awesome, but my goal is to only work for those that I really trust and believe in. Otherwise I’m not being true to myself or to you guys! I don’t want to promote things that don’t work just because they’ll work with bloggers. I’ll always be honest.
  6. I didn’t really learn this there, but I was reminded that I am a true introvert. Being around other people is amazing while it’s happening, but it drains me. I always need a solid amount of alone time after a party and this was essentially a 3 day party.
  7. SEO is a whole different world that I need to master. That being said, I wasn’t completely lost in that class, so I’m learning!
  8. Pitching ideas to brands isn’t as scary as I thought. I hope to discover some great DIY products this year to share with you!
  9. Spending time on a trip doing something I love, learning and meeting new people is good for my soul. I feel re-energized.
  10. Always be authentic. I was in a group of hundreds of people who, on paperwork, do the same job. However, everyone that was there is so unique and we come from such varied backgrounds that we were definitely not all doing the same thing. I think this is the biggest takeaway for me; to just be myself and do ME. I already knew this of course, but Haven was such a great reminder.

They also offered free photos at the conference. Here I am! Hi friends!!Sheri photo

As many others, I’ve been a fan of the show Fixer Upper for a few years now. Well, all the years. I’ve always said that I’d much rather go to Harp Design Co. than Magnolia because I’d love to see how the shop works and meet Clint Harp. Well, I still haven’t made it to Waco, but thanks to Haven I got to meet and chat for a minute with Clint Harp. He is awesome. I also took a class from him and he talked a lot about his experience before and since the show began. It was a really neat experience!

If you made it to the end of that list, thank you! I’d give you a hug if I could. I know this information is mostly just for me, but maybe some of you are thinking of blogging or interested in how it all works, so I thought I’d share. Thanks so much for your support and I hope that this next year of blogging for me is something that will be uplifting, inspiring and motivating for you!


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