Wood and Resin Serving Tray

Wood and Resin Serving Tray

Hello friends! This Wood and Resin Serving Tray is a pretty simple project, but it is one of my recent favorites. I made it using a store bought tray and some Envirotex Lite resin. I’ve been part of the Resin Crafts Ambassador team for a few months now and I’m loving the opportunity to combine wood and resin to make some unique projects to share with you.

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Wood and Resin Tray - resin supplies1

Serving Tray Details:

I bought this wooden serving tray at my local craft store for only $6! It’s somewhat lightweight and not meant to carry heavy items, but since it’s just large enough to hold a few glasses, it’s actually pretty perfect for my purposes.

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 Wood and Resin Tray - bare wood tray

The first step to making this tray is to stain the tray to a darker color. I used a stain color Briarsmoke, which matched my other decor and I usually prefer darker wood. One great trick to staining is to use a rubber glove over your hand, then an old used white sock over the rubber glove; dip it into the stain and rub it onto your wood. It’s quick, easy and cheap. Be sure to dispose of the stain-soaked sock properly when you’re finished.

Decorating the tray:

After the stain was dry I cut the scrapbook paper to size that I chose to decorate the bottom of the tray, and I used Ultra-Seal (Modpodge works too!) to coat the bottom of the tray and adhere the scrapbook paper in place. I recommend a thicker paper like cardstock, as it tends not to wrinkle as much from the Ultra-Seal.

Wood and Resin Tray - ultra seal


Wood and Resin Tray - gluing down paper

Once the paper is in place, then coat the entire bottom with Ultra-Seal again making sure to coat about half an inch up each wooden side. Let dry. Coat a final time. It is important that it is sealed thoroughly so that the Envirotex Lite doesn’t seep into the paper. Let it dry completely.Wood and Resin Tray - Sealing paper and sides

Wood and Resin Tray - glue dried

Add the Envirotex Lite Resin:

Next, you need to mix the resin. I used about 4 oz total. The instructions for mixing come inside the box, but in short you need to mix equal amounts of the resin and hardener in one cup until completely mixed.

Wood and Resin Tray - Mixing resin

Wood and Resin Tray - mixing resin bubbles

Pour the mixed resin into a second cup and mix again. Be sure that it is absolutely thoroughly mixed. I forgot to mention that I sealed a small wooden flower with Ultra-Seal and added that to the corner, just for a little more variation on the tray bottom.

Don’t worry if you see some bubbles. When it is mixed, be sure your tray is level then pour the resin into the tray, being sure that it coats the entire bottom.

Wood and Resin Tray - Pouring resin


Wood and Resin Tray - pouring resin1

Let your tray sit for a few minutes so the bubbles can rise to the surface. Then use your butane micro-torch to pop the bubbles by turning it on and quickly running it across the surface. It’ll look smooth and shiny, like so:

Wood and Resin Tray - resin poured, bubbles popped

Let this cure for 48 hours.

hobby lobby


Isn’t it beautiful?! It’ll be perfect for just serving a few drinks. Or perhaps hold some decor items, craft supplies, or anything else; the options are endless.

Wood and Resin Tray - Completed1

Wood and Resin Tray - finished

Wood and Resin Tray - close up of cured resin

Thanks for checking out my Wood and Resin Serving Tray! Do you think you’ll try it? Let me know in the comments! Feel free to ask questions too! If you like this project, please share via social media with the buttons below. Thank you so much!

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Check out how I changed this simple store bought tray to make it gorgeous and shiny! I used Envirotex Lite Resin and Briarsmoke Stain. Full tutorial! #sponsored

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