DIY Colorful Shiny Wood Cutouts Tutorial

DIY Colorful Shiny Wood Cutouts Tutorial

These colorful shiny wood cutouts are crazy cute!!! Thanks for stopping by friends, I’m excited to share these with you. The best thing about these cutouts is that they are very simple to make but can be used in a huge variety of projects. Here’s the full tutorial on how to make them and a few ideas on how to use them!

DIY Shiny Wood Cutouts tutorial

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Here’s how I created the colorful shiny wood cutouts:


Shiny Wood Cutouts - Resin supplies

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Bare Wood shapes

Indoor American Flags 300x400

Coloring the wood cutouts:

The first thing to do is color your wood cutouts. You can probably use a number of products to color yours, but I used paint pens and they worked quite well. You can get them at most craft supply stores.

Shiny Wood Cutouts - coloring butterfly

Shiny Wood Cutouts - colored butterfly, no resin

Shiny Wood Cutouts - necklace circle colored

Shiny Wood Cutouts - colored feather

Sealing the wood:

Now, seal the entire top of the wood cutout pieces with Ultra-Seal, or other clear-drying glue, and let dry. Another option would be to spray it with Resin Spray, just be sure to give it a couple sealing coats. Be sure to coat any part that will have the resin on it. Wood tends to produce air bubbles if not sealed.

EnviroTex Lite as glaze:

When glue (or spray) is completely dried, mix your EnviroTex Lite. I only mixed a small amount, maybe an ounce, and it was plenty. For these wood shapes we aren’t going to pour the resin and let it drip over the sides, we are simply going to glaze the wooden shapes on the top. I used a small craft brush to do this and it worked perfectly.

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Adding resin to feather

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Butterfly partly covered in resin

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Feather covered in resin


Let cure. Timing on this varies, but mine seemed cured in 24 hours since it’s such a thin coat.

Finished Colorful Shiny Wood Cutouts:

Use the colroful shiny wood cutouts for all sorts of awesome projects!! I used mine to make this adorable wooden Butterfly picture frame for my daughter….

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Butterfly Frame1Shiny Wood Cutouts - Butterfly Frame2

A magnetic framed photo for our refrigerator…

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Magnet Picture Frame1

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Magnet Picture frame

A circular necklace pendant….

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Finished Necklace

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Finished Necklace1

Last but not least, a feather “Hope” card for a friend…

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Finished Feather Card

Shiny Wood Cutouts - Finished Feather Card1

There are so many uses for each shape and I just love the endless options! I might make more of these and keep them on-hand for random cards or custom gifts. The shiny EnviroTex Lite glaze really makes them stand out and finishes them off perfectly!

Patriotic Jewelry 300x400

What do you think? Please share comments or ask questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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