Textured Headboard/Footboard: UPDATE

Textured Headboard/Footboard: UPDATE

If you haven’t seen the post about how I built this textured headboard and foot board set with wood shims, check that out HERE It has all the details and build photos.

This post however, is an update on what the bed looks like completed. I had every intention of waiting to post this until our entire master bedroom renovation is complete, but a few things have delayed that process, so we went ahead and set up our bed. We’ll tackle the rest of the makeover next year.

Here are the photos of the entire bed:

diy wood shim headboard completed

wood shim headboard - closeup

wood shim foot board completed

Our bed is a memory foam mattress, so it has a metal bed frame underneath. I opted to build the sides around that frame instead of building an entirely new platform bed frame. The main reason being that I still need the storage underneath. Rather, we just attached the side boards to the foot board with a few screws. The side boards slide up just inside the headboard posts and they sit on the floor, so really, they just cover everything underneath the bed, but give the look of a complete frame. We are able to slide the foot board and sides out from the bottom of the bed and access storage underneath. It works perfectly and no one will ever know we didn’t build an entire under-bed frame.

wood shim headboard footboard complete

I’ve had so many comments on the original post asking for photos of the bed put together, so I wanted to give you an update. Hope you like what I’ve done, as once again, I’ve not completely followed the plans. Once my room is completed I’ll be sure to do another update…we clearly need a new comforter, side tables, wall paint, and wall decor. One step at a time though, right?

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wood shim headboard complete pinnable image

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