DIY Wood Shim Hearts wall art

DIY Wood Shim Hearts wall art

Check out this Valentines Wood Shim Hearts Wall Art! It’s so simple.

Sometimes I like to just do weird things like look around at what I have on hand and create something I’ve never seen before. It’s really one of my favorite things to do, to be honest.

This wood shim hearts project came to be because I had a bunch of excess packages of shims from my DIY Textured Headboard/Footboard project that needed to be made into something awesome, and I had also joined a collaboration called #makersheartattack on Instagram, so I had nothin’ but ❤HEARTS❤  on my mind.

My actual contribution to the collab is the very colorful Wooden Heart Decor , but this project was equally fun to do and appeals to those of us that are afraid of color. 😉

Alright, so I’ll just quickly run through how I made these wood shim hearts! With photos of course! This isn’t a full tutorial on the background sign that I glued them to because that’s totally just personal preference. I actually had that “sign” already made and just decided to use it after I had finished the hearts. It is very basic, but if you need more info, feel free to comment.

Wood Shim Hearts Supply List:
Assembling the wood shim hearts:

Open two packs of shims. They come like this, alternating between thick and thin sides.

wood shim hearts - shim packYou have to switch so they are all the same direction, with the thick side of each toward the top. Put two packs
together, and take the very two center pieces, flip one upside down. Glue those two center pieces together and let dry enough that they hold.
Maybe 20 minutes?

wood shim hearts - arranging shims

Next you’re going to glue a piece at a time, moving out from the center. So one piece to the left, then one to the right, attempting to get them even. As you can see I scaled up with the first four shims, then starting going down. You might need to play with it a little bit to see how much to adjust to make the heart shape. It may be different depending on the type/length of your shim. Mine came in a pack of 12, so the number will make a difference too.

Keep going until all 12 are glued together and the last two meet at the bottom, then hold it together for a couple minutes so the glue is mostly holding and the pieces aren’t just slipping around. At this point I clamped them together, but not extremely tight, just enough to hold. It was a bit difficult to clamp because the pressure had to be even, but I was able to get it to work.

wood shim hearts clamp

Now take a break because you deserve it! Go get some grub or go for a run or play video games, you know, whatever you do while you wait for glue to dry. 😉

(Okay, full confession, I did laundry. Eww. #momlife)

A couple hours later….

Your glue is dry now, let’s do this!

Staining the wood shim hearts:

Time to stain. I used a small foam brush because it works exceptionally for getting stain into all the crevices. Be sure you’re in a spot that allows for a mess because the stain oozed between the shims and dripped off the back while I was doing this. Just so you know.

wood shim hearts - staining wood shim hearts - stained

Gluing down the wood shim hearts:

After your stain is dry just figure out where you want to put your wood shim hearts! I chose to add them to this bare sign that I had already made out of scrap reclaimed wood that I had painted white and framed. I played around with the arrangement, but ultimately went with just three vertical hearts.  I attached them using just wood glue. Because it’s awesome and incredibly strong and this is just art that won’t have any stress.

wood shim hearts, arrange hearts - dry fit wood shim hearts - gluing down hearts wood shim hearts - book weights

All finished!

wood shim hearts wall art finished wood shim hearts wall art finished entryway wood shim hearts pinnable image

Here it is in my entryway! I’ve had many comments on it and am extremely happy that it turned out. I think I’ll put it up in my daughter’s room after Valentine’s Day is over. Who doesn’t love to be reminded of love? ❤

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re inspired to check out your stash, whatever supplies they may be, and make something awesome!

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Thanks friends! Have a fantastic February!

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❤❤❤ -Sheri

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