Hazel’s Market Bag – free crochet pattern

Hazel’s Market Bag – free crochet pattern

About four years ago I started writing my own crochet patterns. I would always find patterns that I liked for the most part but would always change in some way in order to make the project exactly what I wanted. I realized that sometimes I changed the patterns so drastically that it wasn’t really recognizable as following the pattern and that’s when I realized I needed to start writing my own.

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Hazel’s Market Bag came to me because I was in great need of a simple bag that would carry a lot of stuff, but that wouldn’t just be a gigantic bag if it were mostly empty. This bag sort of stretches to carry what is needed, but then springs back ¬†when not weighed down. I love it and I have many of them around the house. We use them for the farmer’s market buys, library books, and as church bags. I’ve made many for gifts, and sold even more when I had my Etsy shop. Basically, this bag is awesome.v

Here’s the free pattern. I used to sell it, but I’m happy to offer it to you, my amazing blog readers, for free!

Link to the yarn brand that I always use: (affiliate links)
Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Yarn, 14 Ounce Cone, Faded Denim, Single Ball
Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com


Here are some examples of different color combos you can use! The options are endless, and they all look amazing!

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Hazels market bag free pattern

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