Reclaimed barn wood + first project

Reclaimed barn wood + first project

Barn wood

One thing that I really love is a pile of wood. I love to see the grain and distinctiveness of each board. But what I love even more is old reclaimed wood, with the grain, but also the age, nail holes, staples, and saw markings. When I get a bunch of it I am so excited to look at each piece and figure out what to do with it. Here, have a look and see what I’m talking about…

reclaimed barn wood photo white reclaimed barn wood reclaimed barn wood scraps

reclaimed barn wood closeup photo

Recently, I discovered that a new friend has a side job of tearing down old barns and then sells the wood that he gets from those tear-downs. When he told me this I couldn’t believe my luck! I had just that week been discussing with my husband that I had a few projects in mind to build out of reclaimed wood, but I didn’t have a good resource for the barn wood. (And I wanted the real old barn wood, not the trendy pallet wood.) Since then I’ve bought a few small bundles of wood to play with.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Some builds will be actual functional builds, but this first one was just a fun art piece for my wall.reclaimed barn wood wall art


How do you feel about old barnwood? Is it trash or treasure to you? Do you love or dislike wood altogether? Comment and let me know, I’m genuinely curious.

Some other projects using reclaimed wood…

Reclaimed Barn Wood Art

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