DIY ‘Give Thanks’ wood sign

DIY ‘Give Thanks’ wood sign

I realized the other day that I have like 5 bins full of Christmas decorations, and not even 1 full of Thanksgiving decorations. I doubt that’s an oddity, as Christmas tree ornaments alone probably take up a few bins, but still, I felt bad for this little, incredibly important, November holiday. I decided to do a little something about it, so after I set up all of the decorations I had…



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I decided to make a wood sign that I would add to my dining room.

You guys, this project was so easy!

First, I took a long scrap board and sanded it smooth.

Second, I stained it with dark walnut stain from Minwax. Find that here:
Minwax Stain, quart, Dark Walnut (affiliate link)

Third, I designed the words in Silhouette Studio and cut them out using my Cameo. I actually opted to just apply the vinyl letters to the sign, rather than making a stencil and painting it like I did with my wedding signs. The vinyl stuck perfectly. Some people prefer paint, but I knew that this was something that would just stay on my wall and wouldn’t be bothered, so I went the simplest route possible. Here is a great online resource for all of your vinyl needs, they even have cutting machines if you’re looking to get one!
ExpressionsVinyl Logo

I then added two hanging brackets on the back and called it done.

TIP: If you do want to stencil and paint yours instead of having vinyl lettering, when you apply the stencil to the wood, do one light coat of matte ModPodge over the entire stencil and let it dry before you paint. This will prevent the paint from seeping under the stencil where the wood may be uneven. It gives it a crisp, clean line.

Okay, so here’s the final product!


I’m definitely going to plan earlier and sell some of these next year. People were raving about them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. **Update: I actually ended up doing a Giveaway through my Instagram account to celebrate hitting 350 followers.**

Anyway, there you have it. If you don’t own a vinyl cutter and would like a stencil or word cut out, feel free to contact me for details on ordering custom vinyl designs.

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Be sure to post in the comments if you make one!


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