Simple rainbow birthday cake

Simple rainbow birthday cake

I am by no means a cake decorator. My mom is, however, and she taught me a few things while I was growing up. This year my daughter requested that I make her a chocolate cake with lots of fun colors. I went through the usual pinterest search and found a few ideas, including a photo of the cake found at this link. I used that as inspiration, but chose to use a different tip and just figure it out on my own.

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First, I did a quick crumb coat with buttercream frosting. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but it covers the cake and makes a base for the decoration to stick to.

rainbow birthday cake skim coat

I make 5 colors using the same buttercream frosting. I use Wilton coloring gel, like these, Wilton Master 24 Icing Color 1-Ounce Set (affiliate link) ¬†because I find that liquid food coloring sometimes waters down the frosting, especially when you make bright colors as it tends to use more coloring. Anyway, just a tip I’ve discovered. The cool thing about this cake is that you could use any color scheme for any event and it will look great!

rainbow birthday cake - frosting colors

Basically the process is simple. Just add a star tip to the frosting bag, and start randomly making stars on the cake. The tip I used was the #21 Star Tip in this set: Wilton Round Star Icing Tip Set, Large (affiliate link)
There were some spots where two stars of the same color were touching, but I didn’t find it distracting once the entire cake was finished. I actually started with each color then came back again a second time with each to fill in the extra white. It went really fast and probably only took me 10 minutes to add all of the stars.

rainbow birthday cake - starting colored stars

As you can see up close, it’s not perfect, and sometimes two stars of the same color touched, but once the cake is done you really have to be trying to notice the flaws. It is such a fun and simple cake, anyone can do it with just a few cake decorating supplies.


rainbow birthday cake - completed all colorsHere is the completed cake ready for candles and eating. My daughter, who was turning 6, said “Mom, this is an AWESOME cake! Not one bit of white is showing!”

I guess that’s the best compliment there is, right?

rainbow birthday cake - completed!

Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!

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