Favorite Quote Chalkboard

Favorite Quote Chalkboard

This quote chalkboard is one of my favorite things. When I first got it I had planned to change the quote often, but this now hangs in my office and every time I think about changing it I can never find a different quote that fits my life any better than this. This is a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Creating is my life. It is what keeps me motivated, keeps me learning new things, and gives me purpose. Sometimes the creating is art, sometimes building things, and sometimes even writing or designing something. diy chalkboard

Sometimes it is creating friendships with new people, or creating fun activities to do. There are endless ways that we create and we all have such different strengths and talents to share with each other. Keep creating my friends, I truly believe that in some way we all yearn to do so and it gives us meaning and purpose. Do you have a quote chalkboard?


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