Laundry Room Reno – Before & After

Laundry Room Reno – Before & After

We moved into our house last April. There were a few things that were on my list to update immediately, but life took hold quickly with our four kids and their schooling and activities, so we didn’t get going on reno projects for a few months. The first one I was able to tackle though was the laundry room. The dryer that came with the house worked fine, but I had grown accustomed to our front loaders after we bought them (and sadly left them) for our last house. We used these for a couple months and the dryer left lint all over everything every time that we used it, so we decided it was just time for an upgrade. We donated these to a couple in our ward, and bought some new LG front loaders. Anyway, new machines gave me a really good excuse to redo this room and get rid of the AWFUL gingham blue wallpaper.

Anyway, here are the BEFORE shots of the laundry room. It was a very busy room in our house for such a small space. It also functions as our mud room and leads to the garage through that peach-ish pink door.

First step was to get the old machines out, which my husband and a neighbor did for me, thank goodness.

Second was to begin removing this wallpaper. Lucky for me it was professionally installed and came off pretty easily. It was a thick almost water-proof material, so first I’d tear off the blue gingham, leaving the paper-y stuff behind, then I’d spray it with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener to 3 parts water. I then used a plastic paint scraper to scrape off the paper and it came off really easily! It was quite repetitive, but not difficult as you can see in the video below. I had a little helper for a short time.


Once all the wallpaper was down, I scrubbed the walls and began painting. We found a can of paint in our basement that the previous owners had used in their kitchen, and it was almost full, so we decided to just use that in the laundry room also. The cabinets were off white with brown trim and totally 80’s, so I just decided to give them a good coat of white paint. I also painted all of the wood trim. This is something I want to do in the entire house, but for now, I decided to just try it in the one small room. I love it. My poor husband. Anyway, I also chose to paint the door. I was a little skeptical about how the paint would hold up on the door, but decided to just go for it since the pinkish color was just awful and would have ruined the entire reno. For the walls we went with a light gray that we also found in our basement that they had used in the dining room. It really ties everything together to have similar colors. Here’s a post-paint photo:

And here’s a small before/after collage.

I’m so thrilled with the results. Other than the machines we didn’t pay anything but some easy labor. I did buy some hardware for the cabinets but haven’t had a chance to install it yet. One of my favorite things is that I removed the coat hanger from this room. That has pretty much cleared out most of the clutter and we just end up putting everything in the coat closet where it belongs. Sometimes simpler is easier, my friends.

I can’t decide whether to put a counter on top of the machines, or some shelves below them and have them sit on top. Any comments/opinions? Please help me decide!

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