Craft Studio Worktables

Craft Studio Worktables

I have an amazingly talented friend in Lincoln, NE who was fulfilling a dream and starting Lincoln Craft Studio. This place is amazing, if you’re near or ever in Lincoln, definitely go check it out! You can do anything your crafting heart desires and make all your Pinterest dreams come true!

Anyway, before she opened her studio she contacted me about building a few tables for her. I had never build large worktables, just a picnic table at this point, but I was sure that I could figure it out, so I accepted the commission and went to work.

First, I looked at plans. None of the plans I found were perfect for what I needed, but some were close. I ended up altering a plan I found on (no longer available) and making it the dimensions that I needed. Next, I pulled out my trust circular saw and Kreg jig and prepped the boards. I used 2x4s for the framing and 4×4 posts for the legs. These tables were going to be on casters so I wanted to be sure the legs were strong and sturdy. I built the frame and legs together using pocket screws.

A picture of the framing, already primed, as I was going to paint them black and didn’t want to use a ton of coats. The priming definitely helped to prevent the paint from all soaking into the wood.

From here I added the table tops. I used the framing as a building surface, I attached two large glue-edged boards using my biscuit joiner. I then assured that the tabletop was level…

All leveled up. Used a rolling pin to make sure my level was telling me the truth. It didn’t move. 😉

I attached the table top to the frame using many more pocket screws…img_5308

I added 3″ casters to the bottom of each leg.

I then painted the tables with a basic black paint. Make sure you get a true black paint, the first table I painted from paint where the swatch was black, but when painted it looked dark purple. Frustrating. The paint people should be able to help you find a true black. I then finished the table with multiple coats of Varathane Polyurethane Matte finish. This finish is my favorite because it shows no fingerprints and isn’t super shiny. I prefer it, but you could use any finish you’d like!


Completed table – yes I was building these in my living room. This is our old house and I didn’t have a workshop back then.

I built two of these tables at 30″ high, and two at 40″ high. She wanted some you could sit and work at, and some you could use a stool or stand while working. I just love how they call turned out and how she placed them in her shop. I have done a few craft projects at these tables and they worked out really well! The casters allow her to move them as needed even if she’s the only one there. Really, I’m proud of the tables, but I’m more proud of her for making her dream happen! I feel honored to be a small part of that.Here are the final photos of the Studio and the tables in place.


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