Doctor Who & Star Wars Gingerbread

Doctor Who  & Star Wars  Gingerbread

Hey friends. So, Christmas 2015 we had this wild idea to make some Doctor Who themed gingerbread cookies, which then led to thinking about Star Wars because we love it just as much as The Doctor. We really had no idea what we were doing, but we went for it anyway, and the results were amazing!
Here’s the explanation of our process of making giant geek themed gingerbread cookies. Hopefully it’ll help you with your own creative gingerbread project! You really could use this method to make any design.

  1. We printed off images from the internet of Star Wars and Doctor Who characters. R2D2, BB8, a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and the T.A.R.D.I.S. It helps to use silhouette images or black and white clip art. These have already simplified the detail lines, which will make your job much easier.
  2. Roll out your gingerbread. We rolled ours onto parchment paper and I would definitely do that again. I think any good gingerbread cookie recipe will work, as long as it is one that hardens up. I actually prefer eating soft gingerbread cookies, but that wouldn’t work well for this project.
  3. Lay the printed image on top of the rolled out gingerbread dough. The paper will soak up the grease, but that’s okay. Find a small tool, I used a clay carving tool, but a small knife or even toothpick could work. Gently trace the lines in your image, pushing the paper into the dough, but not cutting through the paper.
  4. Once the image is traced, remove the paper and use a small knife, an X-Acto knife or again a craft carving knife would work, and cut along the indentations of all the lines. Don’t cut completely through, maybe halfway through the dough, just so that it makes a solid cut into the dough. At this point you can decide whether or not you want all of the details that you traced, or you can alter as you want, just know that what you are cutting in this step will turn into all the detail lines after it is baked.img_5026
  5. Bake the gingerbread as instructed in your recipe. Our lines held up perfectly, and I assume any good hard recipe will do the same. img_5025-1

Eat them if you want! We used ours for decoration throughout the holidays, and I actually even saved them, so we’ll see how the hold up for this year. If they kept well, maybe we’ll do more to add to the collection.

Most importantly, I hope you have fun making them and involve kids if you have them around! My kids had no problem helping me roll out dough and trace.

You can do it!

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