Crocheted Chunky Wool blend Scarf

Crocheted Chunky Wool blend Scarf

These chunky scarves are one of my favorite things to make, they come together so quickly and look fabulous with any winter coat. As you can see, I have made them in many different colors and sizes, and the pattern is crazy easy.

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Here is a link to the yarn that I used for all of these scarves. (affiliate link)

Lion 640-151 Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn , 97 Meters, Graphite

Basically, you make a foundation double crochet until it is the length that you want (don’t forget about the length of the fringe when calculating), then you just turn and double crochet three more rows, untiless you want it thicker, then add another row! Like I said, crazy simple for a beginning crocheter, but looks fabulous. I have had great luck with a few different brands of thick chunky yarn, so if you don’t like wool, there are other options. Give it a try!


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