My first build

My first build

Friends, this post is taking us back a couple years to the first time I ever built something. I had been shopping everywhere I could think of for Adirondack chairs. We had this massive awesome fire pit in our backyard, and we were in desperate need of seating around it, but our budget was not very big. Turns out Adirondack chairs that aren’t made of cheap plastic are really expensive. Even the cheap plastic ones were a little pricey, and the only wooden ones I could find were way over my budget and not well-built. In my mind, this gave me two options; find someone who could build a quality chair and pay them a lot of money, or figure out how to do it myself. I’ve always been pretty good at figuring out puzzles and how things go together, so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the process of reading a plan and executing it, but I was quite nervous about using power tools because I really had only used a drill at this point. I decided to give it a go anyway, using one of Ana White‘s plans because they are basically amazing if you are a beginning builder. Her plans spelled out exactly what I needed to buy, exactly how to make the cuts, and gave me the courage I needed to make the leap. The following Saturday my husband took the kids to the zoo while I attempted to build my first chair. Looking back, it probably would have been smart to start with a small step stool or tool box or something that would have taught me a few basics, but hey, live and learn. It took me about eight hours to get the chair built, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was definitely good enough and it only cost me about $45! I had no supplies at this point other than the saw and hammer, so the next chair didn’t cost quite as much. There’s this really great feeling that comes with building something with your bare hands. It almost makes you feel like you could do anything you put your mind to, and nothing can stop you now! I still get this feeling every time I finish a project, and I think that is what motivates me to keep building and learning new skills. So I guess the reason I wanted to tell this story is because we all have to start somewhere. Find a plan that seems feasible and give it a go! What’s the worst that could happen? Well, as long as you’re using proper safety precautions, that is…

My very first build – an adirondack chair. I still love it so.
I build another and painted them teal. Love having a pair!
Here they are next to the firepit. They worked perfectly and added some fun color to our backyard. Sadly, we have moved away from this home since, and I miss it very much.

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