Gorgeous baby blanket

Gorgeous baby blanket

I just have to share the photos of this amazing baby blanket. I did not come up with the pattern. In fact, if you want to make one of your own, just go Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015 and follow the first 42 or so rounds.

Warning: it uses many difference stitches and there is a lot of counting involved, but the end result is completely worth it! I opted to add a few rounds of ruffles around to finish off the blanket and make it a little more sweet and charming. I chose white for this, and for the other three I’ve made, because it is a beautiful blanket, worthy of a baby blessing or christening. I’ve seen it done in a large variety of colors, and the original design was meant to change colors on every round, but a big part of me loves the single color because I feel like you can just see the details of the stitches better. I would say that you have to be at least an experienced crocheter to be able to do this without ripping your hair out. Unless, of course, you are more patient than I am; a patient beginner could probably figure it out. Anyway, here are the photos! Hope you love it as I do.

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A dear friend of mine has allowed me to use a few photos of her blanket that I made for her beautiful, precious baby girl. Isn’t this pattern just amazing from every angle? I just adore it.

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Thanks friends! I’d love to see what you make!


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